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This is a custom one-off First Act Delia LS made in October of 2007.

Unlike the current production Delia’s which are large body, 335-esque semi hollows, or the current production Delia LS guitars with smaller, solid bodies. This is a bit of a hybrid. It’s the LS size, but semi hollow. Sort of a like a “Thin-Line” Double Cutaway Les Paul.

The Dimarzio’s sound amazing even when cranked into a wall of gain. Good luck finding a semi hollow that can do that. For added versatility, each pickup’s volume control can push-pull for coil tapping and the tone control push pull’s to switch the bridge pickup series/parallel. In addition to the standard 3-way pickup toggle, it also has a dedicated kill switch so you don’t have to sacrifice one of you pickups.

Cosmetically It’s about 9/10. A couple light rock and roll marks. It’s just been played is all. No serious damage or anything.

As amazing as this guitar is, I still find myself playing my Tele’s more. So I’m considering letting it go and trying to get some new gear in… Or money for new gear.

I’m open to offers around the $1,000 mark.

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