My name is Samuel. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I like to write songs and I play in a ton of bands. Kik - @Noobsambot

Cult Leader - Heartless Breakers - Traveler's Cold - Rile - Reviver - Spooky Mulder


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Saves The Day - All I’m Losing Is Me
"And the pressure is getting to me and the waste in which

I sit is just lurking beside me.
And I can’t tell if it’s me or the meat that’s rotting.
I’m gonna have to give up sometime soon.
But it’s okay cause I’m still breathing and my hands are free of the heap.”

The Extraordinaires - Warehouse Song

The other night I stayed up til 12 pm
The sun was over my head
The business men ate lunch,
As I headed off to bed
I wake up around 5
Knee deep in my debt
But I’ll call the hospital
So I can donate my body to pay the rent

How’s life so easy?
Life is so easy.